Cassandra Harmon

Cassandra Harmon: General Bio

Cassandra Harmon is a Delaware native. As one who has a genuine compassion for her family and community, she serves as a mother, author, and wellness advocate. Her fortune of working within various industries cultivated keen skill sets in communications, compliance, operations management, operations support, and entrepreneurship. Her misfortune of navigating extraordinary life challenges inspired the creation of the Evolving Wellness Center, a nonprofit organization designed to provide personal and professional enrichment programs for underserved populations. Ms. Harmon hold a B.S. degree in behavioral science; a master’s degree in business administration; and board certification in massage therapy. Each component enhances the work that is done. To the extent that she is able, Cassandra seeks to make positive and progressive changes within her scope. The passions that spring from her heart are the projects that push the needle forward.